Issue #200, November 24, 1999  

Come By And Visit The New

By Stephen Lawton

      Have you been to lately? With the release of our 200th issue, MicroTimes is launching a new Web site with features we believe will become invaluable to you.
          In addition to our print content, we are adding several Web-only articles, including a Question & Answer column by Dave Moss, who has been writing Q&A columns in the United Kingdom for seven years. We also are adding a daily newsfeed from NEWSBYTES News Network, a division of Post-Newsweek Business Information Inc., a national technology news service with 25 correspondents on five continents. Each day we will carry 20 breaking news stories. .
          Also new is the newsletter, a twice-a-month notice to subscribers about what's new in print and on the site. You can sign up to receive this free newsletter by clicking on the newsletter link, or by filling out our readership survey, providing us with your e-mail address, and clicking the newsletter box. Incidentally, it is our policy not to share e-mail addresses - or any information - with advertisers or anyone else. We collect them only to send you the information you request. And if you fill out the readership survey, you can enter our contest to win a $100 U.S. Savings Bond. .
          We are augmenting our news coverage with several databases. First out the door will be a jobs database through a joint effort of MicroTimes and, one of the largest databases of technology jobs on the Internet. has more than 143,000 IT jobs in its database.
          Also new to is our searchable database of ISPs nationwide. This search engine, co-branded with Portal Opportunities Inc., lets you find a local ISP. We added a technology dictionary, a co-branded database with The dictionary defines more than 2,000 terms and has a variety of quick-reference pages, plus more than 12,000 hyperlinked cross-references between definition topics and other sites for further information. .
          Another new section will spotlight our print and online advertisers. We will continue to offer our Quotation Netline, a service that allows you to request quotes for equipment or services from our advertisers. But now you also can reach advertisers directly. And if you want to contact an advertiser that doesn't have a Web site, we will provide a Web page that puts the advertiser just a click away. .
          Of course, we will keep such features as our listings of the locations of all MicroTimes news racks, our publishing schedule, database of advertisers and advertising specifications.

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